Paintings by Kate Kenney

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I am a plein air painter of landscapes; I also work in Studio26 – my studio in York. My work is based around the following themes:

Landscapes: Belonging

” When I paint outside, my feet firmly on the earth, the smells and movement around me, I feel that I belong; the roar of change just a distant hum.”

I paint in the Yorkshire Wolds, Moors and Dales.

Seascapes: Possibility

” Treasure to be combed from the sand, memories swept clean, destruction, renewal and the chance to escape.”

My favourite places are Runswick bay, South Bay Scarborough and Ravenscar.

Still Life:

Nature Morte: Change

“I fear ageing, yet watching the cycle of growth and decay in my garden, I can see beauty in that process – delicate twists and turns of a stem or leaf, feathered edges, softened tones and colours.”

Nature Vivante: Passion

” In another life I would be a designer of gardens. In this I decorate our home with flowers that I tend and grow  – and then I paint them.”



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